USCCA Concealed Carry Weapons & Basic Firearms Thu July 20, 2017

This course meets the requirement for obtaining your Florida Concealed Carry Weapon License. The beginner to intermediate level handgun Firearms Safety and skills building training course was designed to far exceed the state specific requirements to legally apply for and possess a resident or non-resident Florida State CCW /CWP - Concealed Carry Weapons Permit, with reciprocity in 35 states. Unlike other instructors who offer a 2 hour gun class, ours is 4 1/2 hours. Upon completion you will receive a certificate that is required to satisfy state statute FSS 790.06. You will be given a detailed description on how to process and expedite a CCW /CWP Concealed Carry handgun permit using the state FAST TRACK PROGRAM. If you follow simple steps which will be outlined for you the day of the gun training you will receive the Weapons Carry permit after 2-3 weeks from application / appointment with your local DOACS office. May take longer if the state has a backlog. Tuition price includes the 245 page Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals book by Michael Martin valued at $27.95. Michael Martin has put this book together based on 7 modules that begin with the one principle that you have the right and responsibility to protect yourself.

USCCA Concealed Carry Weapons & Basic Firearms Thu July 20, 2017
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